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What Is Celtic Sea Salt?

Posted by Admin on October, 28, 2020

There is no doubt that salt is one of the main ingredient which makes food tasty. But every type of salt is not equally healthy and those are different in colour, texture, and taste too. In fact, table salt types have different amount of sodium and mineral contents too.
This article aims to describe some major and popular types of salt and their nutritional properties.

What actually salt is?

Made up of two important minerals chlorine and sodium, salt is an important crystalline mineral. Both the minerals are exclusively important for the human body as they are responsible for sending electrical impulses to several nerves and the brain.
Most of the salt types are generally either harvested from mines or prepared by the process of evaporating sea water. The main purpose of using salt into food is to add some flavour to it. Other than this, another major application of salt is to be used as a food preservative, as it can stop bacteria to grow.

Major types of salt:

Refined salt

Refined salt or regular table salt is greatly ground and refined, thus most of its minerals and impurities gets removed. To avoid the clumps formation in it, anti-caking ingredients are used for making it free-flowing. Food grade table salt includes huge amount of sodium chloride and sometimes iodine, and most commonly used across the world.

Sea salt

As the name suggests, sea salt is manufactured by evaporating sea water. Just like table salt, it has major portion of sodium chloride too. Except for that, depending upon the manufacturing method, it often includes trace minerals such as zinc, iron, and potassium too. The dark colour of the sea salt implies it is rich in trace minerals and impurities. Though sea salt can also include microplastics (plastic waste) from the sea water, but it has no such health hazards. Sea salt is less grounded from the regular table salt and it is coarse. If you want to add some different taste to your food, you can sprinkle some sea salt on it and enjoy its potent flavour.

Himalayan pink salt

This particular salt is dug in Pakistan. It is originated from the Khewra salt mine, which stands second largest in the globe. Its pink colour is due to the traces of iron oxide. Apart from that it also includes magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium in some amounts. Most people in different parts of the world like its taste over the other types of salt.

Kosher salt

It’s called kosher because it is used in some cooking customs of the Jewish. According to the Jewish culture, before preparing the food, it is used to extract blood from the meat. Due to its coarse and flaky structure it can easily do that.

Celtic sea salt

The original Celtic sea salt is gourmet, unprocessed, whole, and authentic in nature and it remains full of natural essential minerals. No additives are added to it and it is sold in the market with all its impurities.

Though it found its popularity in France, the celtic sea salt exporters in India also provide high-quality products to their customers all over the world.

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